18 April 2024

Catalyst Cloud Kubernetes Service

We have released Cluster Templates for Kubernetes 1.28. From this version onwards, our service is powered by Cluster API which greatly improves how we support, manage and upgrade your clusters.

We have also updated the Kubernetes documentation section with examples and up to date information.

The Supported Kubernetes Versions section may be of special note to users who want to know dates to expect for version release and deprecation.

To get started using our CNCF Certified Kubernetes service, follow the Kubernetes Quick-Start Guide.

Deprecation Notices

Magnum Cluster Templates

With the release of 1.28 for Catalyst Cloud Kubernetes Service, clusters built on 1.25 now transition to unsupported and 1.25 Cluster Templates are now hidden from the API.

See Supported Kubernetes Versions for more information.