1 July 2020

The main changes of note in this release are:

  • The Kubernetes Service (Magnum) designation has been changed from Beta to that of General Availability (GA) and as such it is considered to be suitable for use with production workloads.

Kubernetes service (Magnum)

For a full list of the Kubernetes version changes please see upstream release notes for 1.18.2

New Features

  • The Kubernetes version has been updated to v1.18.2.

  • Two new templates were added to provide support for Kubernetes v1.18.2, these are:

    • kubernetes-v1.18.2-dev-20200630

    • kubernetes-v1.18.2-prod-20200630

  • Support of the templates for Kubernetes v1.15.11 will be deprecated.

  • Added support for the sha256 digest check for k8s hyperkube image.

  • The behaviour of the Kubernetes development templates has changed to make all new clusters created with them publicly accessible over the internet by default.

  • Added support to allow for cluster labels to be over-ridden at creation time by means of merging changes rather than having to provide the entire label list.

  • Enable visibility of the cluster health status for private clusters.

  • Provide a means to limit access to the Kubernetes API through the use of the the master_lb_allowed_cidrs label.