25 May 2020

The main changes of note in this release are:

  • Upgrade of the Kubernetes Service (Magnum) from stable/Queens to stable/Train.

  • Predefined storage classes were added to the Kubernetes service.

  • Provide user friendly names for object storage policies in the dashboard.

Kubernetes service (Magnum)

For a full list of the included changes please see upstream release notes for stable/Stein and stable/Train

New features

  • Support for Kubernetes v1.16.x and above will be added and there will be new cluster templates published reflecting this change.

  • The base operating system of nodes will be Fedora CoreOS since Fedora Atomic has been made end-of-life.

  • Podman will to used to manage the kubernetes components instead of using the default atomic system container.

  • The addons within the cluster that are provided by the Catalyst Cloud templates, will also upgraded to latest stable version available at the time of release.

Known limitations

Existing kubernetes clusters on version v1.15.x or earlier will not be able to upgrade to v1.16.x. This is due to the changes and dependencies imposed by moving to a new operating system for the cluster nodes.