CLI Tools and SDKsΒΆ

The command line tools are a set of packages that allow you to interact with the Catalyst Cloud from your command line. These are important, as the release schedule for the Catalyst Cloud is structured so that new features are always added to the APIs and command line first. Meaning if you are wanting to take advantage of all the cloud has to offer; these command line tools are a necessity.

The following sections cover the installation process of the required dependencies on several operating systems including linux based systems, Mac OS and Windows. The process is similar for most of the systems, however Windows based systems require a few extra steps to make sure that the tools are installed in the correct way. Both of these sections cover the installation, configuration and general use of the tools; providing information on some of the basic commands that you will be using.

The other sections cover information on our APIs and specific toolkits that are available to you, should you choose.