28 September 2022

The changes for this release include an upgrade to both the Keystone (Authentication) and Swift (Object Storage) services. Also included in this release, is a minor change to rate limiting as well as Neutron being added to the Audit log service.

Authentication upgrade (Keystone)

We have recently completed an upgrade to the underlying Keystone service that is responsible for the management of authentication details on Catalyst Cloud. With this upgrade completed we can begin to add new features for this service in future releases. These features will be mentioned in more detail in future release notes.

Object Storage upgrade (Swift)

With this upgrade to the Swift service, several bugs that were present in previous versions have been fixed. Specifically: A fix was made to the way object storage applied replication policies to stored data. No data was at risk while this fault was occurring.

Neutron added to audit logs

This release sees the addition of Neutron (Network) configuration data being included in the audit log service. This means you can now include network configuration in your security auditing solutions.

Change to rate limits

Finally, we have made a change to the rate limits that we have on the cloud. This release we have doubled the maximum API rate limit.