9 April 2020

The main changes of note in this release are:

  • the upgrade of the Orchestration Service (Heat) from stable/Queen to stable/Train.

  • Various web dashboard additions and improvements.

Orchestration Service (Heat)

For a full list of the included changes please see upstream release notes for stable/Stein and stable/Train

New Features

Some of the key new features included in this release are:

  • Upgrade Heat template version from heat_template_version.2018-03-02 to heat_template_version.2018-08-31

  • Added a new config option server_keystone_endpoint_type to specify the keystone authentication endpoint (public/internal/admin) to pass into cloud-init data

  • Add rbac_policy and subnetpool support for OS::Neutron::Quota resource

  • Add UDP to supported protocols for Octavia.

  • Add tags support for ProviderNet resource

  • OS::Aodh::LBMemberHealthAlarm resource plugin is added to manage Aodh loadbalancer_member_health alarm.

  • Support tags property for the resource OS::Octavia::PoolMember, the property is allowed to be updated as well.

Bug Fixes

Some of the key areas addressed are:

  • Erroneously, availability_zone for host aggregate resource types was considered mandatory in heat templates. It is now optional.

  • Heat can now perform a stack update to roll back to a previous version of a resource after a previous attempt to create a replacement for it failed.

  • Empty string passing in for volume availability_zone can be correctly handled now. For this case, it’s same as no AZ set, so the default AZ in cinder.conf will be used.

  • Non-ASCII text that appears in parameter constraints (e.g. in the description of a constraint, or a list of allowed values) will now be handled correctly when generating error messages if the constraint is not met.

  • OS::Neutron::Port resources will now be replaced when the mac_address property is modified. Neutron is unable to update the MAC address of a port once the port is in use.


  • personality property of OS::Nova::Server is now deprecated, please use user_data or metadata instead.

Web dashboard

In this latest version the following improvements have been included:

  • Improved dashboard experience for the Container Infra (Kubernetes) service.

  • Support for creating object storage containers with a single region storage policy.