30 November 2020

The main changes of note in this release are:

  • Loadbalancer as a Service (Octavia) has been upgraded from version Train to Ussuri.

  • Container Infra service (Magnum) has several fixes and features added in this release.

Loadbalancer as a Service (Octavia)

For the full details of the included changes please see upstream release notes for stable/Ussuri

Container Infra (Magnum)

Magnum received a minor version bump to address the following:

Bug Fixes

The main key area addressed is:

  • Fix to provide support for Kubernetes v1.19.x. This will include the addition of new templates:

    • kubernetes-v1.19.4-dev-2020

    • kubernetes-v1.19.4-prod-2020

  • The following templates have also been released to bump the related Kubernetes version they support.

    • kubernetes-v1.17.14-dev-20201124

    • kubernetes-v1.17.14-prod-20201124

    • kubernetes-v1.18.12-dev-20201124

    • kubernetes-v1.18.12-prod-20201124

  • The following templates have been deprecated:

    • kubernetes-v1.16.14-dev-20200827

    • kubernetes-v1.16.14-prod-20200827

New Features

  • Add support for the ability to enable a load balancer on the master node when creating a new cluster, using the master_lb_enabled parameter.


This will require upgrading your CLI tools to use python-magnumclient to 3.2.1

  • Add support to allow rotation of the cluster’s Certificate Authority (CA) certs via the API.