Object storageΒΆ

Object storage is a web service used to store and retrieve data from anywhere using native web protocols. Each object typically includes content data, a variable amount of metadata, and a globally unique identifier. All object storage operations are done via a modern and easy to use REST API.

It is the ideal service to store data for websites, web applications, mobile applications, IoT sensors, and devices. Object storage can also be used for data archival, data lakes, backups and disaster recovery.

Object storage is the primary storage for modern (cloud-native) web and mobile applications, as well as a place to archive data for backup and recovery. It is cost-effective, highly durable, highly available, scalable and a simple to use storage solution.

Our object storage service is a fully distributed storage system, with no single points of failure and scalable to the exabyte level. The system is self-healing and self-managing. Data stored in object storage is asynchronously replicated to preserve three replicas of your data on different cloud regions, designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability. The system runs frequent CRC checks to protect data from soft corruption. The corruption of a single bit can be detected and automatically restored to a healthy state. The loss of a region, server or a disk leads to the data being quickly recovered from another disk, server or region.

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