24 March 2020

The main change of note in this release is the upgrade of the Loadbalancer Service (Octavia) from stable/Stein to stable/Train.

Load Balancer (Octavia)

For a full list of the included changes please see upstream release notes

New Features

One of the key new features included in this release is:

  • Support to VIP access control list. Users can now limit incoming traffic to a set of allowed CIDRs. For details on using this feature refer to Enabling CIDR Restrictions

Bug Fixes

Some of the key areas addressed are:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the creation of listeners for different protocols on the same port (i.e: tcp port 53, and udp port 53).

  • Fixed an issue where the listener API would accept null/None values for fields that must have a valid value.

  • Addressed several issues relating to the use of UDP protocols.

Known Issues

  • When a load balancer with a UDP listener is updated, the listener service is restarted, which causes an interruption of the flow of traffic during a short period of time. This issue is caused by a keepalived bug


  • Octavia v1 API deprecation is complete. All relevant code, tests, and docs have been removed.