04 May 2021

Database as a service hits open beta! Continued development from our team at Catalyst Cloud has delivered features that we’ve deemed worthy of progression to beta.

Database as a service (Trove)

Database service Beta

We are moving our database as a service offering to open beta. This allows all customers the ability to create their own managed database resources on the Catalyst Cloud. Customers who participated in the technical preview of the service will begin being charged for database resources they consume from open beta onwards.

During beta we have two datastore images available: PostgreSQL and MySQL. Documentation related to these services is available in the Databases section.

Database dashboard functionality

Moving to an Open beta also introduces to our cloud a web dashboard for managing database resources. During this period, our team will continue to add functionality and resolve identified issues. Once we are confident all known issues with the service are resolved, we will progress out of beta.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality!