29 August 2022

Minor upgrade to the Dashboard and to the Kubernetes service.

Dashboard (Horizon)

Bug fixes

With this upgrade we have been able to resolve a number of bugs that our dashboard had been experiencing. These bugs include:

  • An error with the usage graph on the dashboard. You should now be able to see your current usage and costs using the graph without an issue.

  • An error message that displayed when making changes to instances using the dashboard. Error messages relating to microversion checks on auto_allocated_networks should now provide more precise information

Ease of use changes

Also included in this patch was a change to how we display images that are available from the dashboard. When selecting an image for an instance you should now see a more optimally filtered list of images to choose from, prioritizing images that are still maintained and up to date.

Container Infra (Magnum)

New template types available

We have numerous updates to our Kubernetes service including new revisions of templates for existing K8s releases. K8s releases 1.19, 1.20, and 1.21 are affected. Fedora CoreOS is upgraded in the template changes to address various CVEs.

Additionally, K8s 1.22 clusters will soon be available! However, migrating existing clusters to this new version type will require some manual help from our engineering team. Once this template is available, if you wish to upgrade, please create a support ticket to let us know.


Change to sign up credit

We have reduced the length that the initial sign up credit is valid for on our cloud. It has been reduced from 1 year (365 days) to 3 months (90 days).