Backups are an important part of a business plan, in order to maintain a high level of functionality in the face of unforeseeable events. Whether these be from natural disasters affecting a region or human error causing systems to go down. Having a well maintained backup of your system is vital to helping your business get back to a high operational standard quickly.

The following sections cover different methods for creating and maintaining backups on the cloud as well as ways to automate the backup process.

The main method of backing up your instances will be through the in built backup commands using Openstack. Alternatively, we also discuss ways that you can use Duplicity to create backups as well.

The main distinction between the two is that the default Openstack backup creates new volume resource that holds a copy of your data from the point in time you decided to back up your data. While Duplicity creates a file-orientated backup, allowing you to perform file-level restoration from your backup.

The following are the different sections that go into greater detail on specific issues.