27 August 2019

The main focus for this release was around our Kubernetes service. With this release the Catalyst Cloud Kubernetes service has been promoted to a Beta status.

This release introduced the following new functionality and improvements.

  • It is now possible to perform a Rolling upgrade of the Kubernetes version of a running cluster with minimum to no impact on running applications.

  • Cluster Auto healing is a feature of the Kubernetes service that monitors the health state of the cluster and automatically repairs Kubernetes’ components or nodes.

  • Cluster Auto scaling allows a cluster to dynamically increase or reduce the number of worker nodes, according their current resource allocation

  • As a security best practice, Kubernetes clusters are now created in a private network and are not visible from the Internet by default. If desirable, exposing the Kubernetes API to the internet is a simple additional step documented on the Private cluster section of the documentation.

  • Cluster User access roles were added to provide a mechanism for handling cluster authentication and authorization based on the cloud user’s login and associated roles.

  • The following new cluster template versions were introduced. The v.1.xx.xx tag in the template name refers to the associated Kubernetes version that will be deployed in the cluster by the template.

    • kubernetes-v1.12.10-dev-20190912

    • kubernetes-v1.12.10-prod-20190912

    • kubernetes-v1.13.10-dev-20190912

    • kubernetes-v1.13.10-prod-20190912