25 July 2018

This is the release notes/changes list for Catalyst Cloud Orchestration service.


Latest API version: v1


Latest Heat Template version: heat_template_version.2018-03-02

Orchestration (Heat)

  • Upgrade Heat template version from heat_template_version.2015-04-30 to heat_template_version.2018-03-02

  • The OS::Heat::HARestarter resource type is no longer supported. This resource type is now hidden from the documentation. HARestarter resources in stacks, including pre-existing ones, are now only place holders and will no longer do anything. The recommended alternative is to mark a resource unhealthy and then do a stack update to replace it. This still correctly manages dependencies but, unlike HARestarter, also avoid replacing dependent resources unnecessarily. An example of this technique can be seen in the auto healing sample templates at https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/heat-templates/tree/hot/autohealing

  • The AWS compatible CloudWatch API, deprecated since long has been finally removed.

  • With pre-icehouse stacks which contain resources that create users (such as OS::Nova::Server, OS::Heat::SoftwareDeployment, and OS::Heat::WaitConditionHandle), it is possible that the users will not be removed upon stack deletion due to the removal of a legacy fall back code path. In such a situation, these users will require manual removal.