23 February 2023

The changes for this release include the introduction of GPU virtual servers, CPU burstable virtual servers and nested virutalisation.


Compute c2 GPU virtual servers are available in a technical preview in the nz-por-1 region. The virtual GPU servers are resourced with high-frequency CPUs and NVIDIA A100 GPUs and are targeted at high performance computing work loads. Currently the tech-preview is by invitation only, but is planned to move into Beta soon.

Burst Compute

CPU burstable virtual servers are low cost virtual servers that are perfect for low demand and development environments. The CPU burstable virtual servers are available as new compute flavors in the nz-por-1 region. The CPU burstable flavors are currently available in a Beta release.

Nested Virtualisation

We have enabled the ability for nested virtualisation on our compute service. This features allow you to run virtual machines inside of your virtual server. You can now make greater use of your virtual server by hosting several VMs on it or by using hosting a VM containing a specialized environment such as mobile platform emulators.