Sharing images between projects

In the event that you need to share custom images created in one project across one or multiple other projects, the following section describes how you are able to share your images using openstack API commands.


Some commands need to be issued when connected to the source project and some when connected to the target. Ensure you are connected to the correct project when issuing these commands.

After sourcing an openRC file for the project that houses the image you want to share, we will call this the source project going forward, we then need to find the UUID of the image we want to share.

# In this example the name of our image is "ubuntu1604_base_packer."
$ openstack image show -c id -f value ubuntu1604_base_packer

# We will then export this ID for use later on (this will only be stored on your source project command line)
$ export image_ID=55d3168c-dbdc-40d9-8ee6-xxxxxxxxxxxxs

You will then need to open another command line window and source this to your target project. While connected to the target project, issue the following command to find the project ID:

$ openstack configuration show -c auth.project_id -f value

Next you will need to change the visibility status of your image from private to shared. By default images are created with a visibility of private, so you will need to update your image to be able to share it successfully. While connected to your source project use the following to set your images visibility to shared:

$ openstack image set $image_ID --shared

Now you can proceed to share the image from the source project with the target project. While connected to the source project, using the image ID and target project ID from earlier you can issue the following command:

$ openstack image add project $image_ID 1234567892b04ed3xxxxxxb7d808e214
| Field      | Value                                |
| created_at | 2016-11-17T02:52:24Z                 |
| image_id   | 55d3168c-dbdc-40d9-8ee6-xxxxxxxxxxxx |
| member_id  | 1234567892b04ed3xxxxxxb7d808e214     |
| schema     | /v2/schemas/member                   |
| status     | pending                              |
| updated_at | 2016-11-17T02:52:24Z                 |

Next, ensure you can see the shared image in the target project. We use the –member-status parameter for this, so that you can see the images pending approval for transfer:

# If you have more than one image you are trying to share you can use  "| grep" to filter the images returned by the following command.
$ openstack image list --member-status pending | grep 55d3168c-dbdc-40d9-8ee6-xxxxxxxxxxxx
| 55d3168c-dbdc-40d9-8ee6-xxxxxxxxxxxx | ubuntu1604_base_packer      |

Finally, accept the image in the target project:

$ openstack image set 55d3168c-dbdc-40d9-8ee6-xxxxxxxxxxxx --accept
$ openstack image list | grep 55d3168c-dbdc-40d9-8ee6-xxxxxxxxxxxx
| 55d3168c-dbdc-40d9-8ee6-xxxxxxxxxxxx | ubuntu1604_base_packer      |

Unsharing an image

In the event that you wish to remove a shared image from a project, you are able to rescind the permissions from the target project. While connected to your source project you can run the following command:

# substitute the variables below for the respective IDs we used in the previous section.
$ openstack image remove project $image_ID $target_project_ID

Once this is done you should no longer be able to see the image on the target project:

$ openstack image show $image_ID
No Image found for 55d3168c-dbdc-40d9-8ee6-xxxxxxxxxxxx