Can I use s3cmd for object storage?

There is a powerful open source tool for managing object storage called s3cmd. It is available from http://s3tools.org/s3cmd and was originally written for managing object storage data in Amazon S3. It is also compatible with Catalyst Cloud object storage using the OpenStack S3 API.

While it is compatible, you will need to ensure that you specify the appropriate authentication details by customising the s3cmd configuration file.

Configuration changes

The following changes need to be specified in the .s3cfg file.

host_base = object-storage.nz-por-1.catalystcloud.io:443
host_bucket = object-storage.nz-por-1.catalystcloud.io:443
signature_v2 = True
use_https = True

Compatibility with S3

Please refer to the Object Storage section for OpenStack Swift compatibility to S3 APIs.

See also

It is also documented in the Catalyst Cloud documentation here.