Submitting a patch

Cloning the repo

Go to and fork the docs to your own account on GitHub.

Clone the docs:

git clone
cd catalystcloud-docs

Create a new topic branch for your contribution (choose a sensible name):

git checkout -b new/fantastic-content#9999

Sync your branch with GitHub:

git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/<branch> new/fantastic-content#9999


Branch naming convention: new|bug|?/<shortdesc>#<ticket-num>

Branch names starts with “new” or “bug”. New is used when adding a new document or new sections to existing documents. Bug is using when amending content of an existing document.

<shortdesc>: is something brief that indicates what the change is.

<ticket-num>: is optional and indicates the ticket number that the change is related to.

Making your changes and contributions

When you’d like to make changes to the content, you can see your changes by running the script in the root directory:

cd catalystcloud-docs

Then navigate to localhost:8000 to see the results of your changes. As you save files, the changes will appear in your browser.

If you are adding a new document, you may want to add it to the index.rst, so that people can find it when navigating the docs.

When done:

git add source/*
git commit


If you want to be sure your documentation will work correctly, you can use git hooks documented below to check that the documentation will compile before it is committed.

Push the changes back to your personal branch:

git push origin your-branch-name

Submitting your changes to be added

Submit a pull request to Catalyst Cloud on GitHub.

Our awesome team of document reviewers will peer review and proof read your documentation changes and merge your pull request. Once it is merged, the changes will be automatically deployed and published within one hour.