Git hooks

In order to avoid committing reStructuredText code that does not compile we have written a git pre-commit hook. Using this hook will ensure you do not commit code that does not compile.

The pre commit hook is located at githooks/pre-commit. The best way to enable this hook depends on your version of git.

Git 2.9.0 or above

In order to enable this hook, run the following command:

$ git config core.hooksPath githooks

Be aware that if you have other hooks located in .git/hooks you will need to move them into the githooks directory.

Git older than 2.9.0

In order to enable this hook, run the following command for the root of this repo:

$ cp githooks/pre-commit .git/hooks/

If you prefer, you can symlink hooks as described here.

Output verbosity

The commit hook currently displays the output of If you would prefer to suppress this output, you can switch these commented lines:

# Switch these if you prefer to suppress compiles output
#"$DIR/" &>/dev/null