High availability

This document outlines the physical infrastructure and software features that make the Catalyst Cloud highly available and resilient. It covers built-in features that are inherited by every project and services that can be used to enhance the availability of web applications and websites hosted on the Catalyst Cloud.

24x7 monitoring

The catalyst cloud has robust fine-grained monitoring systems in place. These systems are monitored 24x7.

Geographic diversity

The Catalyst Cloud provides multiple regions or geographical locations that you can use to host your applications. Regions are completely independent and isolated from each other, providing fault tolerance and geographic diversity.

From a network point of view, each region has diverse fibre paths from diverse providers and ISPs for high availability. Power and cooling systems are also designed for high availability and allow for maintenance to be performed without service disruptions to customers.

For more information about our regions, please consult the regions section of the documentation.

High availability tutorials

There are a number of options available to Catalyst Cloud customers to enhance application availability. Tutorials have documented these in detail:

Providing highly available instances within a region: Deploying highly available instances with keepalived

Techniques for region failover: Region failover using the fastly CDN