The basics of Catalyst Cloud

This section of the documentation is for people that are entirely new to cloud computing and/or the Catalyst Cloud.

What is the Catalyst Cloud?

Catalyst Cloud is a cloud computing platform, based entirely in New Zealand.

Catalyst Cloud was built with the open source project, OpenStack. OpenStack is a piece of software that allows users like yourself to provision servers. Provisioning is similar to renting. You can provision things such as storage space, compute capacity, or internet access. The building blocks you need to run a business’s applications.

OpenStack gives you the ability to provision no more or less than what you need, by allowing you to change how much you’re using quickly, easily, and automatically, through a variety of tools.


To obtain resources on Catalyst Cloud, you provision services. Catalyst Cloud services are pieces of hardware and software that we have in one of our data centres, that we make easy and convenient to use by controlling them with OpenStack.

By exposing our hardware and software as services, we remove a lot of complexity from your day to day work. For example: you need to give a server it’s own public IP address. You open a terminal and run:

$ openstack floating ip create public-net

| Field               | Value                                |
| created_at          | None                                 |
| description         | None                                 |
| fixed_ip_address    | None                                 |
| floating_ip_address |                       |
| floating_network_id | 849ab1e9-7ac5-4618-8801-e6176fbbcf30 |
| id                  | 415fa158-fd7d-4b43-9002-0a55aa22a753 |
| name                |                       |
| port_id             | None                                 |
| project_id          | 8ccc3286887e49cb9a40f023eba693b4     |
| qos_policy_id       | None                                 |
| revision_number     | None                                 |
| router_id           | None                                 |
| status              | DOWN                                 |
| subnet_id           | None                                 |
| tags                | []                                   |
| updated_at          | None                                 |

Now you’ve provisioned a public IP address. Now you run:

$ openstack server add floating ip my_server_name

Just like that, your server has a public IP address in seconds. Quick, easy, and powerful. Every action on Catalyst Cloud can be performed just as quickly.

Now we understand the basic idea behind Catalyst Cloud, let’s explore what services Catalyst Cloud provides.

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